This was the second WestVisions #02
“Smart Things - Bright Future?”




Welcome to the second WestVisions – the new event for the digital Community in the Ruhr District!

"Smart Things - Bright Future?"

The leading minds in the digital sector against a breathtaking backdrop, exciting talks and stimulating ideas, cool drinks, hot food and relaxed networking: WestVisions is the new bench mark for the digital community in the Ruhr District and beyond.

In one of the most extraordinary locations in Germany and Europe, the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, interested parties from the fields of design, programming and marketing meet for an evening full of inspiration and new perspectives.

The first successful event on 19 October 2016 on the subject of “Interactive Design” with Val Head and Seb Lee-Delisle, will be followed on 3 May 2017 by WestVisions #02 with the subject "Smart Things - Bright Future?", and we’ve invited Dan Hett, a creative technologist, and, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, former WikiLeaks spokesperson to support the event.

Meet, Learn & Get Inspired - 3 May 2017


Image of Dan Hatt



As a digital artist and creative technologist, Dan’s work and practice is governed entirely by openness and shared process - from the things he builds, the technology he uses to create things, and even the live use of his work on stage and beyond. In this session Dan will explain why he relies so heavily on a very open and rapid prototyping process, and why every stage of his creative process is shared. Dan's output is distributed under highly permissive, and even confrontational licenses - inviting anyone to take his work and quite literally ‘do what the f**k you want to’ with it, no credit or source required.
Dan will also examine why this sort of transparency is something that should pervade every level of our technological progress and innovation, and why the most dangerous thing in the world is an entirely opaque system owned by someone else. And, most importantly, together we will question what this all means to us as digital creators and builders - do we keep helping to construct these dangerous black boxes, or should we be dismantling them?
This talk will be in english

Dan Hett is a BAFTA-winning creative technologist and digital artist, from Manchester, UK. After spending the last few years building fun experiences for millions of small humans with BBC Children’s, and then some time on the bleeding edge with BBC Research & Development, Dan now operates as a multidisciplinary creative tech gun-for-hire across mobile, web, installation, performance and beyond.
Dan is a passionate advocate of open source software and transparent process, and strives at all times to expose not only the source that powers his work, but also the process, assets and chaos generated during the work itself. He is also a regular author, teacher and speaker - throwing down for the likes of Resonate, FITC Amsterdam, and Reasons To Be Creative.

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Total networking


The digital revolution is underway. With an ever accelerating tempo, technology is taking over every aspect of our lives, everything becoming "smarter" and inter-connected. This entails fundamental changes and requires a radical transformation of our society. Re-inventing ourselves is becoming the central challenge of our time.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, born in 1978, is an activist and IT security expert. From 2007 to 2010 he helped set up the WikiLeaks platform and was their spokesperson. He left WikiLeaks due to differences of opinion about the management style and the project’s strategic orientation. Domscheit-Berg wrote down his experiences "Inside WikiLeaks" in 2011 in a book that has been translated into 23 languages. Today he’s working on various internet and privacy projects, is a co-operator of an alternative ISP, makes electronics accessible to children and grows his own vegetables.

Before his time at WikiLeaks, Domscheit-Berg worked for various Fortune 500 companies and built outstandingly secure networks for the automotive and transportation industries. Domscheit-Berg is an advocate of transparency and freedom of expression and is passionately committed to equal access to knowledge and information in a globalised world.


18:00 Admission
Networking, Drinks & Snacks
19:00 Jan Stermann
"We’re building a Krankikom smart office!"
19:15 Dan Hett
"No Secrets"
20:00 Break
30 minutes
20:45 Daniel Domscheit-Berg
"Total networking"
21:30 End & Networking
Round off the evening with some relaxed networking.


Blower House at the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

WestVisions will be held at the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, a former ironworks whose old industrial facilities have today been put to a wide range of uses. Come and explore a park landscape unlike any other in the world: a combination of industrial heritage, nature and fascinating light spectacles.

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How to get here:
Landscape Park Duisburg Nord Blower House Complex Emscherstrasse 71 | 47137 Duisburg

Follow the signs at the main entrance! The park has a large public car park directly opposite the main entrance.