Mario Klingemann


Creative Cooking with Neurons

Talk description:
Artificial Intelligence. Not a day goes by these days without another article about a new skill the machines have learned again. Now they even seem to start challenging us humans in a field that we deemed to be exclusively ours: creativity. Maybe it’s a good idea to hear a bit more about what this artificial creativity is really capable of and if it is something you should learn or be afraid of. But chances are that you are not a computer scientist, so how could you ever understand any of this? Don’t despair, it’s not that complicated. Actually, as you will hear in this talk, it is a bit like cooking. And you know how to boil an egg, don’t you? No need to have studied the laws of thermodynamics or to have a degree in biology for that.

Mario Klingemann will show you some of his artistic experiments that use deep learning and neural networks to generate visuals - some of which might be considered “art”. Along the way he will introduce you to some of the basic concepts behind this new way of creation and will tell you ways how you could try it for yourself.

Mario Klingemann is an artist working with algorithms and data. He investigates the possibilities that machine learning and artificial intelligence offer in understanding how creativity, culture and their perception work. An important part of this investigation is his work with digital cultural archives like the British Library's, the Internet Archive's or the collection of the Google Cultural Institute where he currently is artist in residence.
He is a regular speaker on international art, design and media conferences, winner of the 2015 creative award of the British Library and his works have been shown at the Residenzschloß Dresden, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Met and the MoMA, New York.

Vidar Andersen

Founding Principal


Innovate or Die –
The Old vs The New

Talk description:
Today small and agile startups seem to be funded out of nowhere, which potentially threatens the established industry leaders. The speed in which those startups produce innovative products and open new markets at compareable low cost is extremely fast, particularly compared to the old industries, which find it impossible to compete with this, as they are very often still centered around rather slow and formal processes, tools, skills, methodologies, roles, compliancies and KPIs.

It will be key for those corporations to learn how to respond to those changing requirements and to be able to innovate from within the industries, particularly since the knowledge of existitng processes, products and markets lies deep in the conventional market players.

How can this be achieved and what can be learned from the startup-movement?

Vidar Andersen is a Norwegian serial startup entrepreneur, investor, educator and advisor to large international corporations on innovation based near Cologne, Germany. He's been an invited speaker at places like Stanford, Cambridge, SxSW, Web Summit and LeWeb. In 2015, he was recognized by Wirtschafts Woche as one of the most important people in the German startup scene and was invited as keynote speaker at the London Intrapreneurship Conference on the topic of data-driven innovation.

Gemma Milne

Technology & Science Journalist

Co-Founder // Science: Disrupt

The (R)evolution of Science

Talk description:
Science is experiencing its second coming. No longer is research confined to university laboratories, but instead is being done by startups, corporates, hobbyists and you, the public. So what’s happening in science right now to change the world of tomorrow? Let’s go on a whirlwind tour of the latest in space, energy, health and computing (think DNA editing, asteroid mining, blockchain and quantum computing) and get excited about the science of tomorrow which is soon to change our world.

Gemma is Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt - an organisation connecting the innovators, iconoclasts & entrepreneurs intent on creating change in science. Science: Disrupt produces podcasts events and editorial, and has brought together a large community (both on and off-line) of brilliant thinkers and do-ers. Gemma focuses on biotech, energy, space, health, advanced computing & changing the way we do academic research and is also a Freelance Journalist, writing for The Guardian, Adweek, Imperica & Ogilvydo, covering science, tech, culture and politics. Gemma is an International speaker having delivered keynotes at SXSW, TEDx, WPP Stream, Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx. Previously, Gemma was the Tech Innovation Strategist at Ogilvy Labs.