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Bright Minds From All Over the World

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Tina Touli

London (GB)

Blending the Physical and the Digital World

Tristram Stuart

London (GB)

Upcycling the Global Food Waste Scandal

Casper van der Meer

Rotterdam (NL)

Vision Without Execution Is a Daydream

Seb Lee-Delisle

Brighton (GB)

Lockdown Lasers

James Beacham

Genf (CHE)

The Other End Of a Black Hole

Martin Lexow

Berlin (DE)

App-Gestaltung mit Swift UI

Nina Schnitzenbaumer

Mühltal (DE)

Emotionales Marketing auf Instagram

Mike Hill

Berlin (DE)

Jurassic Park, Archetypes and the Art of Unconscious Storytelling

Sascha Friesike

Berlin (DE)

Digitaler Dilettantismus

Andrew Tarvin

New York (USA)

Leading on Your Feet

Clare Sutcliffe MBE

London (GB)

Take your chance to change the world

Burkhard Maass

Bochum (DE)

Forging our future: a Ruhrpott kind of startup

Chris MM Gordon

Dublin (IRL)

Your contribution to a sustainable planet

Angela Oguntala

Copenhagen (DNK)

New Territory

Phoenix Perry

London (GB)

What’s like to make games with hardware?

Adriana Cabrera

Kamp-Lintfort (DE)

Smart and Soft: open-source bio-inspired prototyping

Dirk Heitmann

Baden-Württemberg (DE)

AI Is The Future. AI Is Today.

Gemma Milne

London (UK)

The (R)evolution of Science

Vidar Andersen

Düsseldorf (DE)

Innovative Or Die - The Old VS The New

Mario Klingemann

München (DE)

Creative Cooking With Neurons

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Fürstenberg (DE)

Die Totale Vernetzung

Dan Hett

Manchester (GB)

No Secrets

Seb Lee-Delisle

Brighton (GB)

The ART of creative coding

Val Head

Pittsburgh (US)

Designing Meaningful Animation